Month: February 2024

Determining the Ideal  Financial Year-End Date: A Guide

The financial year-end date holds significant importance as it marks the closure of a company’s accounts to prepare the annual balance sheet. In Hong Kong, businesses have the flexibility to select their financial year-end date, with the most common choices being December 31st or March 31st. To assist in choosing the right date, consider the...

Launch Your Business in Thriving Hong Kong!

Starting a business in Hong Kong involves several steps. Firstly, selecting the company type and name is crucial. Companies can either be limited by shares or guarantee. The liability of the partners in the former case is limited to the amount outstanding on the respective shares held by them, while in the latter case, the...

Choosing the Perfect Company Name

There are certain restrictions on company name registration. Generally, a company name will not be registered if it: is identical to a name already in the Index of Company Names held by the Registrar of Companies is identical to a name of a legal person that’s under an ordinance the registrar deems its usage to...

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