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How to decide the financial year end date?

The end of the financial year is the date on which the company’s accounts are closed in order to draw up the annual balance sheet.  In Hong Kong it is possible to choose the financial year-end date. Generally, companies choose either 12/31 or 03/31.    How to choose this date?  Try to align the date...

Pick a company name

There are certain restrictions on the registration of company names. As a general rule, a company name will not be registered if :  – it is identical to a name appearing in the Index of Company Names maintained by the Registrar of Company; – it is identical to a name of a legal person incorporated...

Start a business in Hong Kong

The first step is to choose the type of company and its name. It may be a company limited by shares, where the liability of the partners is limited by the articles to the amount outstanding on the shares respectively held by them, or a company limited by guarantee, where there is no share capital...

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