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Numberz HK Launch your businessStarting a business in Hong Kong involves several steps.

Firstly, selecting the company type and name is crucial. Companies can either be limited by shares or guarantee. The liability of the partners in the former case is limited to the amount outstanding on the respective shares held by them, while in the latter case, the partners are only liable for the amount that they undertake to contribute to the company’s assets in case of liquidation.

After deciding on the company name, the application process begins. This entails submitting the required documents (NNC1 or NNC1G, copy of articles of incorporation, RIBR1) and the applicable fees through electronic means, mobile applications like “e-Registry” or “CR eFiling”, or by post.

The next step is to collect the company certificates. Upon approval of the application, the company incorporation and registration certificates can be collected in either electronic or paper form, depending on the application. The time frame for collecting these certificates differs; the certificates for private companies limited by shares are normally issued within an hour in electronic form, while paper certificates for companies limited by shares take approximately 4 working days.

If further licenses or permits are necessary, the necessary information is available on the Trade and Industry Department website. It is essential to collect the aforementioned certificates in person at the Registrary and present the withdrawal notice and the company identification document. If any other individual is collecting the certificates instead of the applicant, a written power of attorney along with the identification document is mandated.


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